Altland House


The Altland House 

People that are traveling to Pennsylvania may definitely want to check out the house house. This is going to be a great place for anyone that is looking for lodging and a place to eat. The altland house offers both of these opportunities to stay in the Inn and also partake in delectable food choices during your stay. This is why many people that are going through Abbottstown will consider the benefits of lodging at the Altland House.


Great Food


One of the best things about the Altland House is the Grill & Brewery. People that are interested in getting some great meals will not be disappointed with the large amount of food selections that are available. It is easy to see how so many people stop if they are looking for cool sandwiches like the crab cake sandwich or the BBQ prime rib sandwich when they pass through Pennsylvania. There are also other great menu items like firecracker shrimp tacos and the Turf & Surf burgers that are getting acknowledged as one of the house house specials during lunch time.




The Historic Inn and Suites that people lodge in at the house house has breakfast that is served and free WiFi for business people that are traveling. It is big enough to have conference rooms where people can have meetings, and it also has space for people that would like to have weddings or family reunions events.


This is good for anyone that is looking for a reasonable place to stay that is also connected to a great brewery and dining facility as well. This is definitely one of the things that people may look at if they are traveling. They want to be able to have a great place to lodge, and they also want good food.